Adult Sunday School: Speak Life

Adult Sunday School: Speak Life

Week 8 (June 24) Final week asks three questions: (1) Can I say something that would impart strength, courage, and comfort?; (2) Something that confirms what God says?; (3) Opportunity to be generous with money, time for those around you? Words are nourishing. Psalm 90: 12; 15: 2; 18: 21; 13: 2; Matthew 12: 35-37.

Speak Life

Week 7 (June 10) Weird-free Prophecy John 17: 20-26; I Corinthians 14: 3
What can I say that will give Strength, Courage, and Comfort? Prophetic Words do not tear down; they are not being smarter or witty; not detailed, introspective, active listening to a person but active listening to God, generous with words, time or money.

Week 6 (June 3)    I Peter 4: 7-11 connection between loving well and living without grumbling. Mark 12: 29-31; Psalm 133; John 17: 20-26 Divisions are everywhere. What dividing lines have you drawn along the way, separating you from those who aren’t like you? We also we learned about Lex who was blind when he was 8 years old and still went on to be a World Record holder in the long jump and is the 2017 World Champion Gold Medalist. Bob Goff, in his book EVERYONE, ALWAYS, tells how he woke up in Northern Iraq blind in his right eye while visiting one of the schools built with the proceeds from his first book, LOVE DOES. He still had five more schools to visit before returning home to San Diego and the first of many surgeries on his eye. Each time he asks the surgeon about his sight, she says, “You’re gonna see more…” Goff says that when we see more of Jesus in the lives of those around us who are messed up, we get to be like Jesus who constantly moved toward people in need. Bob Goff loves the story of the blind man who asked Jesus for his sight but after he told Jesus he saw people like trees… Jesus didn’t have miracles that misfired..He was helping the man be real enough to level with Jesus and ask for a second touch.

Week 5 (May 27) Jumping the Fence         God sets boundaries on our sexual behavior, finances, relationships and communication. If we “jump the fence” we are vulnerable to Satan’s tricks. I Peter 4: 9 says lovers of God “offer hospitality to one another without grumbling.”

Week 4 (May 20)  Recognizing Satan’s Voice in Your Head    The strategy of Satan is to divide and conquer, to isolate you. Spiritual Discernment sees what God is doing and cooperates with it.
James 1: 14 & 15; John 10: 10; Proverbs 10: 19; 17: 28; 13: 3; 15: 28; Ephesians 4: 25-end.

Recognizing Satan’s Voice in Your Head

Week 3 (May 13) Self Talk 2: Four areas of negative self talk:
1. Inadequacy (Moses, Gideon, Jeremiah)
2. Feeling overlooked
3. Feeling threatened
4. Shame
James 5: 16 How do assumptions line up with God’s Word?

Self Talk 2

Week 2 (May 6) Self Talk: We replay in our head what parents, teachers, and peers have spoken into our heart. Jesus is affirmed by His Father in Luke 3: 21-22 before He did anything. Jeremiah 1:6; Moses in Exodus 3 & 4. Lies come out in refusal or damaging talk. 2 Corinthians 10: 5 every thought captive; keep His thoughts in my head.

Week 1 (April 22) Proverbs 12: 18; John 16: 12-13; Genesis 1 “If God speaks, why can’t I hear?” Conversations we have with God, myself, the enemy, and others.

Speak Life