Praising God in Allegany County

January 21- Prayer at 9:15 a.m.; Sunday School at 9:45 a.m. (Missions Sunday) and Worship begins at 10:30!

New Sermons


Matthew 26: 30-34 (Peter will deny) Matthew 26: 36-46 (Watch & Pray) Matthew 26: 69-75 (Peter denies Christ) John 21: 25-29 (Restart) Acts 2: 14-41 (Holy Spirit ability)


Recalibrating is the intentional moving from what we know to what God can do. QUESTIONS FOR FURTHER REFLECTION: Can you describe a place in your life this last year where it seems like Jesus is trying to adjust your trajectory? What makes this change difficult? If you make the change, what do you fear the results will be? What do you hope the results might be?

I'm New Here

We welcome you to visit this Sunday. Stop by the kitchen for (free) coffee at 9:30; Sunday School for all ages begins at 9:45. Worship begins at 10:30 a.m. as we assemble to learn and live the commandments to love God and our neighbors.

Thoughtful Insights

How do you talk to yourself?