Sermons on Romans

Sermons on Romans

Writing the Story of Your Life

Romans 12: 1 & 2; 2 Timothy Psalm 50: 14; 52:17 Romans 11: 30-31 Reasonable Worship Conformed and Transformed Information vs Transformation Levels of Communication Christ is not Religious We are not called to be Religious Our life needs to be hidden with Christ in God.

Retread: The Process

From Abram to Abraham Genesis 15:1-6; 16: 1-4a; 22:1-4, 15-18 1. Do not be anxious, Phil 4: 4-6 2. Transformed Rom 12:2 3. Take My yoke = Rest Matt 11:28 Obedience in Walking in His Word

The Father’s Day

Dani- Luke 13:18; Isaiah 9:6 He is increasing His Kingdom Jonathan-Romans 8:28-31 If we are surrendered to a life of loving God, ALL means ALL things work together for good and conform us to His image.

What Comes After the Cross?

Our YES is powerful! Romans 6: 5-11 Three Questions: 1. where have you carried old self habits into new life in Christ? 2. What have you believed about yourself that caused you to think and act like that? 3. Who does God desire to be to you in that place?


The Giver Determines Value Revelation 4: 9-11; Romans 12:1 (the gift God wants);Ephesians 2:1; Hebrews 10:10; Acts 10:15; Proverbs 23: 6 & 7; James 3: 8-10; I Corinthians 6: 20; Romans 10:9; We need to tell our heart what to believe.