Are You Healthy?

Are You Healthy?

What Does Your Soul Thirst For?

3 John 22 Corinthians 5: 17Psalm 63: 1-8 What are you beholding? Praise Him in all things at all times. Worry replaces worship. Praise Him for His promises. Our soul fills with strength. Fullness of soul is a place we could reside in.

What’s the Position?

Are You Resting? Genesis 1 begins with God’s work of creation and for six days, “Evening and Morning were the __ Day.” On the seventh day, God enters into Rest and we can be in that position of resting in Him. In 2 Chronicles 20: 12-22 Israel rests in what God will do.


Unforgiveness holds us back from TRUE LIFE! I forgive, cease resentment, give up my claim. We are not called to hold judgement, exercise a critical spirit. Matthew 7: 1-5 Luke 6: 37-38 Colossians 6: 7-8