Sermons by Bruce Kornhaus

Sermons by Bruce Kornhaus

Prophetic Messianic Psalms

All but 3 of the Messianic Psalms are quoted in the New Testament. Psalm 110 is quoted 14 times; Psalm 2 and 69 are quoted 7 times each. The Messiah will have zeal for the house of the Lord (Psalm 69:9). Psalm 110 Coronation Psalm for an Indestructible King. The Bible is the only book with fulfilled prophecies.

Psalm 100

Festival Psalms 93-100 extol the Majesty of God and Psalm 100 responds with thanksgiving for His faithfulness to His people.

Psalm 90

Moses wrote Psalm 90 and the structure is a hymn of praise. Two couplets–verses 1 & 2 and 11 & 12–frame sections 3-6 and 7-10 and are concluded with a prayer for mercy.


An introduction to the Psalms and an invitation to bring your favorite Psalm and why it is.