Sermons by Corrie Tanner

Sermons by Corrie Tanner

He is in the Details

Psalm 139 displays the wonderful details of God’s creation in the world and in us. We are our strengths but we are also our God-ordained weaknesses. Corrie shares tools to help identify our core values, fundamental beliefs that create unwavering principles to guide our life choices.

The Heart Behind the Cross

The names of God we call on are ways He is at work in us. Luke 15: 11-32 shows the heart of the Father searching the horizon for His younger son.

am I Love?

Corrie Tanner tells about her 2-week Elim Trip to Mexico to help at the Roca Blanca Medical Mission. The ministry includes a Bible school, Spanish school, Music school, and the clinic. 2 Peter 1: 2-8 challenges us to grow in being more like Christ in loving with open arms like He does.

A Tale As Old As Time

Joy is a state of mind and an orientation of the heart, a settled state of contentment, confidence, and hope that the Holy Spirit wants to grow in us. Paul had to learn it (Philippians 4: 11-13.

Rest Like a Tree Planted by the Water

Rest, a place we stand, a position or posture that we choose to take on. Compare a tree planted by water giving shade for people with a prickly cactus that can hole 200 gallons of water for itself with no shade to offer. Jeremiah 17: 8; Isaiah 28: 12; Isaiah 30: 15. In the Old Testament Daniel, Shadrack, Meshack, and Abednego and Joseph. Rest is taking time to steady our hearts. Acts 27: 25; John 14: 27; Acts 16: 23-26. When we have unrest in mind, a strategic plan is necessary to keep going, keep praising and connecting with God.

Ministering Beyond Our Brokenness

We need to speak encouragement to the younger generation and choose the hard work of ministering of who God is shaping us to be to those younger, either in years or spiritual maturity.