Sermons by Dave Williams

Sermons by Dave Williams

Adult Sunday School Teacher

Resurrection and the Forgiveness of Sins

Acts 13: 26-45; Psalm 2: 7 (Sonship Incarnation); Isaiah 55: 3 (Davidic Promise); Psalm 16: 10 Incorruptible; Forgiveness of Sins has connotation of release, dismissal, pardon and remission; Sin is deviating from God’s Will.

Dying to Self

A seed has potential for unlimited life but the seed has to die or it remains a single seed. John 12: 23-25; Mark 4: 31; Philippians 2: 5-11; Luke 9:23; Romans 12: 1 Barnabas the Encourager

His Hand was with Them

Acts 11: 19-30 God’s Hand was with the Church through the affirmation of Barnabas. “Correction Does Much but Encouragement Does More”