Sermons on Abiding in the Word to Grow

Sermons on Abiding in the Word to Grow

Keep On Keeping On

If you want to find out what is important in life, talk to someone facing eternity. John 4: 37 Keep planting seeds. Galatians 6: 9 Don’t get discouraged and quit; we don’t know what is going on in someone else’s heart.


“Why is a place where we often get stuck.” We try to understand and can’t get past it. Instead if we go to the Lord asking, “What are You doing?” Israel is on the edge of the Promised Land but they moved to grumbling. Numbers 14: 1-12. Characteristics of WHY Thinking–Grumbling: Philippians 2: 14-18; Fear: Romans 8: 15; Self-preservation: Philippians 2:3 Characteristics of the WHAT Thinking–Brokenness: Psalms 34: 18; Expectation: Phil 3: 13; Courage: Joshua 1: 6 “Courage is doing the right thing in the face of an emotion saying you should be nervous or anxious.” WHY will keep us where we are; WHAT positions us to move toward change and promise.

Doing Good Costs

Acts 10:34 “The simple statement HE WENT ABOUT DOING GOOD AND HEALING is a profound summary of Jesus’ life, and an ideal to which all Christians would do well to aspire.” _ESV Study Bible
Update on Rich; Psalm 2; Three Kinds of Disciples: Carnal, Companion, and Communion Discipleship