Keep On Keeping On

If you want to find out what is important in life, talk to someone facing eternity. John 4: 37 Keep planting seeds. Galatians 6: 9 Don’t get discouraged and quit; we don’t know what is going on in someone else’s heart.

Position & Posture of Rest

Rest is a place we stand, a position or posture we choose to take on. REFRESH (Matthew 11: 28-29); ENJOY (Psalm 127: 1-2) STRENGTH (Isaiah 40: 27-31) TRUST (Psalm 91: 1-2) Keep living in a place of rest.

Rest Like a Tree Planted by the Water

Rest, a place we stand, a position or posture that we choose to take on. Compare a tree planted by water giving shade for people with a prickly cactus that can hole 200 gallons of water for itself with no shade to offer. Jeremiah 17: 8; Isaiah 28: 12; Isaiah 30: 15. In the Old Testament Daniel, Shadrack, Meshack, and Abednego and Joseph. Rest is taking time to steady our hearts. Acts 27: 25; John 14: 27; Acts 16: 23-26. When we have unrest in mind, a strategic plan is necessary to keep going, keep praising and connecting with God.


“Why is a place where we often get stuck.” We try to understand and can’t get past it. Instead if we go to the Lord asking, “What are You doing?” Israel is on the edge of the Promised Land but they moved to grumbling. Numbers 14: 1-12. Characteristics of WHY Thinking–Grumbling: Philippians 2: 14-18; Fear: Romans 8: 15; Self-preservation: Philippians 2:3 Characteristics of the WHAT Thinking–Brokenness: Psalms 34: 18; Expectation: Phil 3: 13; Courage: Joshua 1: 6 “Courage is doing the right thing in the face of an emotion saying you should be nervous or anxious.” WHY will keep us where we are; WHAT positions us to move toward change and promise.

The Father’s Day

Dani- Luke 13:18; Isaiah 9:6 He is increasing His Kingdom Jonathan-Romans 8:28-31 If we are surrendered to a life of loving God, ALL means ALL things work together for good and conform us to His image.

What is Holding Us Back From the Promised Land?

Joshua 5: 1-12; I Corinthians 12: 22 What is holding us back? 1. There had to be a cutting away of the weight and sin 2. Healing before the battle 3. Ready to do something different Wilderness Christian vs. Promised Land Christian Feed on old manna? or work the soil in your new life, being a living sacrifice, your spiritual worship

Partnering with God in Miracles

John 6: 1-10 Ministry is not plotted; it happens where you are. Ezekiel’s Valley of Dry Bones; he doesn’t try to tell God how or waht to do. People are looking for magic. god is looking for our participation to meet a need. God is not limited by what we have. God’s Provision is not a pie chart but a river.

The Call: The Recap

Summarizing the five-month series on The Call, casting a vision for the New Covenant calling of the Church in the areas of children & youth, worship, and doing life together.

Stand: Character vs Cynicism

Ephesians 6: 10-14; Hebrews 11: 1; i Thessalonians 5: 16-19; Proverbs 13:20 When a tough time becomes a tough life, expectation becomes a manifestation of your FAITH. Avoid Cynicism: Look for Jesus in midst of troubles; Remember God’s past miracles and works in your life; cultivate thankfulness not based on feelings; pray in the Spirit to edify yourself; take a mental vacation; “It came to pass” happens; remember that everything works out for GOOD.