Becoming Laborers in the Harvest

The fields are ready; pray for laborers (Matthew 9) and we have been praying for our missionaries. Matthew 10: 14 Jesus sends out the 12 Acts 1:8 missionary work began where they were at the moment.

Provision Like a River

It’s more costly to be disobedient; God’s provision is not a pie chart but a river. God expects us to do God’s anointed calling in the Kingdom of God. Are they goers or senders?


Matthew 9: 35-38 Pray for laborers; the 12 apostles experience Jesus’ pastoral passion for the harassed and helpless crowd in His teaching, preaching and healing.The harvest is huge but prayer is the response. This is the launch of Missions: the heart of Christ.


John 12: 20-26 Let’s bear much fruit: what needs to fall to the ground in this season of change? Shaye Reagan encouraged the worship team with a prophetic Word on the evidence that colorful leaves signal death happening in the body of the tree, dying in one season to prepare for new life in the next.

How’s Your Love?

Sixteen expressions of godly love assessed by I Corinthians 13: 1-7. Perfect Agape love is patient, kind, doesn’t play the grasping, arrogant, rude braggart, doesn’t expect life to revolve around ME but lays down life for others in humility, doesn’t provoke or be irritated. Keeping records of resent or self-justification are self destructive. Faults run thick where love runs thin.


Psalm 145: 4 A generation in Scripture included everyone over the age of 20 living at one time. WE are not running a spring but are running as a cross country team. We don’t pass the baton off to another group. Together we are the generation and God has plans for Wellsville Full Gospel. Numbers 32: 13.

Two Season Scenarios

Moses and Joshua longed for the Promised Land that God had spoken prophetically; they had different backgrounds to their leadership. Numbers 14: 1-4; Joshua 1: 1-9; Matthew 16: 1-3.