Sermons from February 2019

Sermons from February 2019

Worship & Doing Life Together

Ezekiel 37: 1-14 Can these bones live? Press into a higher level of worship.Legacy is investing in the next generation’s foundation. Matthew 28: 19-20 To disciple we need to create spaces to do life together, whether it is a book study, Bible study, puzzles, crafts, people with like interests (hunters?).

Next Adventure’s Priorities

Hebrews 12:15 no root of bitterness but instead extend grace Last year defined focus of Adventure: 1. Pouring into Children & Youth 2. Worship 3. Fellowship (two new women’s Bible studies underway in homes) Kendrick began discipling children and youth; need someone called to continue authentic ministry

Can You Know the Will of God?

Surrender and Transformation Four Touchstones for Knowing the Will of God: Biblical? I Timothy 3: 16 & 17 Inner Witness, Peace? Col. 3: 15-16, Philippians 4:7 Circumstances? Acts 16: 6-10 Trusted Counselors? Prov. 15: 22 Surrender, transform by renewing your mind (not conforming to the world) John 10: 2-4, 16 Sheep know my voice

The Adventure: YOUR Packing List

There is no cookie-cutter packing list for your adventure. Matthew 6:33 Kingdom focus vs Popular opinion Can’t let anyone else think for you Isaiah 51 called to be the voice, not the echo; the Holy Spirit leads, guides and corrects. Know what is in your suitcase. Exodus 33:15 Psalm 16:11