"The Church on the Hill"


Ezekiel Banner
Ezekiel Banner

Ezekiel 34:12 reflects the street-mission orientation of Wellsville Full Gospel Church. Some sheep are on the backside of a hill where the Good Shepherd is not even in sight but He calls His sheep and knows them by name. Life that is truly Life comes from resting in His arms or at His feet and all of His sheep are journeying toward that relationship with the Master. The banner’s scripture has imparted peace and hope to many who come after being “scattered in the cloudy and dark day.”

Prayer Walk – spend time in rest and prayer – seasonally maintained path and benches – you can view the Genesee Valley to the hills of Gennesee, Pennsylvania from the top of the prayer walk



Benches along the way and at the top of the Prayer Walk; don’t be surprised if a deer or two come out to graze



Fellowship is important; the pavilion extends opportunity to share Women’s Fellowship events, the Annual Corn Roast, Wedding and Baby showers… adjacent are a grilling area and Children’s Play area.

CornRoast     Pavilion

Schedule and Contact Info
Schedule and Contact Info


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